Welcome to Morgan Contractors

Welcome to Morgan Contractors. We specialize in construction, renovation and refurbishment of residential and commercial properties. We are qualified, experienced and take pride in our craftsmanship and are ready to work on your projects with the best and most skilled tradesmen, materials and ideas. We have years of professional experience and success in refurbishing of residential properties, commercial, educational, restaurant and Retail properties and can provide the vision and workmanship to put your dreams into action.
Whether it’s a bathroom that needs modernization and a new style, a loft that cries out for light and color, an entire building that has to be brought up to date with plumbing, electrical and other basic necessities, we are the specialists that can plan, design and deliver the desired result. “Making living space more livable” is our motto and our mission.

Although this is the age of doing it yourself, it pays to have professionals do your renovations and refurbishing. Why? Simple, it’s because we have the skills to do the job the right way, the first time. We have the licensed, trained and experienced tradesmen with the proper certificates to ensure safe and insurable work.

Whether you have a residential property that requires refurbishment, a commercial property that needs renovations to make it more profitable, we have the experience, the people and the know how to make the project successful. Instead of hiring individual electricians, heating and plumbing specialists, painters and flooring experts, we have these tradesmen on staff, ready to work together to make your plans a reality and at realistic cost. Our reputation is supported by sincere testimonials and references and we have the right certifications, the right people, and the right attitude of “can” do that will make your vision of a new living space a reality.

Morgan Contractors has satisfied clients all over the UK, you will be in good company.