Office Refurbishment

Office Refurbishment

In case, you are looking forward to increase space in your office but do not want to take on larger premises, a complete office refurbishment service for the existing layout will help you get the required free up space for your office. At Morgan, we offer smart office refurbishment facilities to free up space you never knew you had! We are at your service to elevate all the stress and inconvenience of relocating too!

Office Decoration

Morgan Contractor will assist you with all aspects of office decoration. Regardless of whether it is hard wearing longevity, a lavish finish or a dynamic image you’re looking for, Morgan contractors can supply you with the best of wall covering installation services, office flooring and furniture in order to create the desired look. We have a huge range of wall coverings to help you choose from. Our environmentally friendly products equipped with style and durability combined with affordable prices will definitely win your heart.

Glass Manifestation

Morgan Contractors will offer you top grade glass manifestation services. We can combine the service with the glass partitioning fitting or as a standalone service. There are numerous benefits of availing glass manifestation services such as creating an aesthetically pleasing work environment and evading the collision risk.

Suspended Ceilings

The suspended ceiling installation is a wonderful solution to sky rising fuel bills. The process also works towards enhancing the feeling of amity within an office or work space environment. Research and studies have proved that a lot of space above your employees head when standing and the ceiling leads to a weird feeling of resonance. Employees also feel quite detached from the rest of the office. This can affect their performance. On the contrary, too little space can make them feel claustrophobic. Hence, it is imperative to strike a balance.

To create a suitable environment for your employees to work, Morgan contractors have come up with a brilliant solution in the form of suspended ceilings. The installation will also work towards concealing any unsightly duct work or wiring. This is not all. The process will facilitate instant and easy access during maintenance to these areas as and when required.

Premium Grade Office Partitioning

Morgan Contractor has been offering a comprehensive range of premium grade office partitioning services. These include the following stated below:

  • Solid partitioning
  • Glass partitioning
  • Soundproof partitioning
  • Demountable partitioning
  • Fire rated partitioning
  • Storage wall partitioning
  • Operable partitioning walls

Our office partitioning services will create chic and highly sophisticated offices for you. It will also separate work rooms within a large interior work space. We can help you separate boardrooms, interview rooms, offices, and varied other office departments from work rooms and factory floors. This is not all. Our latest and highly advanced techniques can help you efficiently separate office from wet areas such as kitchens and bathrooms.

We would like to recommend office partitioning services as these are far affordable as compared to traditional building practices. These are also less labor intensive. Since the practice requires smaller number tradesmen and can be established much faster than brickwork, you can save a lot of money, reduce downtime and minimize inconvenience. The best part is that the process of partitioning is not permanent. This means that you can adapt any design to suit future expansion and your varying requirements without any hassles.