Home Extensions

Morgan Contractor is a fabled name for world class home extension jobs. Regardless of whether you are looking forward to do kitchen extensions, or loft extensions, we are here to provide you with all the requisite elements to make it work in the best way.

We have affiliated and highly experienced architects who can create incredibly beautiful designs for you in a huge variety. We are also known for dealing with the local planners in order to gain permission for planning and building on your behalf.

Extending your home is a wonderful way to add more space to live. It will also increase the overall value of your property if done in a correct way.We also offer a comprehensive range of service. The credit goes to our super enthusiastic team of experts working hard towards ensuring timely and inexpensive completion of your home extension project.

At Morgan, the term ‘extension is not just about extending the space of your home but to offer you incredible benefits:

  • Adding space
  • Adding value

Stylish and well-organized extension services at Morgan will definitely enhance current living space, give you an additional room and elevate the property into another price bracket!

Some of the most common benefits of our home extension services include the following:

  • Home office
  • Bedroom with en-suite bathroom
  • Garden room
  • Conservatory
  • Self-contained annex
  • Second residence
  • Family space
  • A lot more

Regardless of what your motive is, extending a home or garage is definitely a complex and time consuming task. At Morgan Services we dedicate ourselves to offer residential extensions, conversions and refurbishments. Our specialized home extension experts will manage the entire process, taking care of minutest of detail, with minimum disruption to your household. Our motive is to offer and maximum return on your investment.

The Morgan Extension Process

The first step towards the extension process at Morgan starts with undergoing a thorough analysis of your property and where/how exactly you propose to extend. Morgan Services are assisted and guided by certified and proficient architects. This helps us know what is possible to construct and what to be ruled out. Varied types of extension are efficiently undertaken under the expert guidance of these architects including the following:

  • Rear house extension
  • Single story
  • Double story
  • Multistory
  • Garage

We understand that different types of extension processes bring in a variety of engineering and design challenges. From local planning restrictions to the impact on your neighbors’ building and structural complications, these challenges can create substantial problems during the process. However, our meticulously working engineers and architects will often come up with solutions you wouldn’t have even dreamed of on your own!

Morgan Contractors will guide you through the building planning application to guarantee legal approval of your plans from the planning authority in your local council.

Morgan Extension Services

We would like to be referred to as home extension experts in London. We are at your disposal to help you with any or all aspects of structural planning, designing and building your home extension. We would also take special care of the latest building regulations to avoid any confusion or inconvenience in the future.


Our experienced site manager will work closely with you in order to guarantee your satisfaction at each stage of your plan. We offer the following:

  • Full architectural services
  • Stand-alone extensions
  • Integrating extensions into the existing house structure
  • Structural engineering including masonry, steel, concrete, timber, and foundations
  • Residential property extensions (terraced, semi-detached, detached houses)
  • Garage extensions (integral, detached)
  • Kitchen fitting (moving or adding kitchen facilities)
  • Bathroom fitting
  • Flooring for extensions
  • Electrical
  • Plumbing
  • Plastering
  • Roofing (including integrating extension roofing with existing roof)
  • Painting

Typically our customers remain in their home during house extension. We take special care to minimize disruption and dust in the house. Our experts will maintain a neat and tidy workspace. They also eliminate all debris. We completely understand you rights to personal privacy and that of your property and we truly respect that.